Organisation Chart


Staff employment

The number of employees of the group (YAM Invest and its subsidiaries) is approximately 65  FTE .

Management Board

–  Arnaud de Ménibus, Chairman and CEO

–  Frederik Boreel, Governance and risk management

Business Units


Eric Dapoigny, Managing Director of YAREAL Group and President of YAREAL Polska

Nicolas Benhaim, Managing Director and Chief Financial Officer of YAREAL Group

Christophe Calmel, Member of the management board and Head of Technical Department of YAREAL Polska

Agnieszka Pyra, Member of the management board and Chief Financial Officer of YAREAL Polska

Jacek Zengteler, Member of the management board and Head of Residential of YAREAL Polska 


Pierre-Emmanuel Sauvage, CEO and Founder

Corinne Bourbon, Executive Director


Karim Beqqali, Chief Executive Officer of YAMED Capital

Hicham Lazraq, Chief Operating Officer of YAMED Capital

Zineb Masrour, Director YAMED Asset Management

Emilie d’Avout, Director YAMED Asset Management

Mehdi Benjelloun, Director YAMED Construction


Supervisory Board

Roger Taylor, chairman

Adriana Acutis

Carlo Acutis

Andrea Baggi Sisini

François Henrot

Jan Holsboer

Jacques Manardo

Herbert Schimetschek

Risk & Accounts’ Committee

Jacques Manardo, chairman

Marina Mottura

Christian Varin

Remuneration Committee

Roger Taylor, chairman

François Henrot

Herbert Schimetschek

Economic and Strategic Policy Committee

Dennis Kessler, chairman

Roger Taylor

Carlo Acutis

Christian Varin

Luca Paveri Fontana